No Static at All…

Hey – keep this one short , simple and without static.

Jeff Smulyan at Emmis has lead the fight to get FM radios on mobile phones. His first major deal – after 5 years of battle – is with Sprint. And he’s asking stations to contribute in total $15M worth of time…about 5 units per week.

Let’s rock with this.

The solution isn’t perfect – but as data rates rise – the timing might be.

Most listeners will struggle with the difference between a streamed audio and the over-the-air signal but that’s up to us to educate them on the difference. When they begin to see how expensive data is on their phone bill – maybe we’ll see some real change in behavior.  When ESPN is talking about subsidizing data plans for heavy users, we might be on the brink of something.

So let’s just get behind this…run the damn spots (I hate barter too) and let’s see what happens when 30 MILLION phones can listen to FM radio.  Jeff has taken heat for a thankless job…and this is a great start to keeping radio relevant.

FM radios on your Smartphone…a good start.