Star Trek…

Captain James Kirk would often refer to ‘engaging’ in battle…I don’t think it was original – in fact it sounds a bit Churchilian.

Captain James T Kirk

Captain James T Kirk

In media we hear the pundits recite that social media is about engagement. True enough, ┬ábut as radio broadcasters we are trying to figure out how to add to that engagement. If you are about to fall asleep…sorry, it’ll be short and worth it.

Radio is the original engagement medium – and to some degree – local TV news was at one time. So when we launch radio station websites, we forget. We have already engaged the audience. We just need to CONTINUE the engagement when they get to our website.

Everything from polls (do they still do those?) to Facebook posts continue that relationship…but we don’t have to have compelling content to begin with. We are engaging with our audience on-the-air. The website simply enhances and supplements.

Drive listeners to your web for whatever, but don’t worry that the website must stand on it’s own as compelling content.