Will Trump Kill Political Advertising?

The Donald is leading in the Republican primary….but I’m not here to talk about that.  Except that he leads without spending ONE dollar in media.  His fame and previous media exposure got him to this point.

Should he win the nomination, is it possible he won’t do any political advertising…?  Is it possible that the anticipated hundreds of millions of dollars that TV stations count on will evaporate?

As a buddy of mine – who has a small political ad agency has opined…2016 is the last year for the massive wealth shift to broadcast TV.  He and others have said the reason the money continues to flow even now  is “…pure inertia”

Say it ain't so Donald

Say it ain’t so Donald

The politicos who run these campaigns simply have always done it that way and know nothing else.  Sound familiar…?

Right now the management of Sinclair, CBS, Gray and all the other big TV groups are praying Trump quickly fades. It’s not a policy or political stance.  It’s just that should he become the Republican nominee  it could spell disaster for their stations.

Frankly – we’ve often thought the entire broadcast TV business is whistling past the graveyard…this could just speed up that process…