So Different. So the Same.


Jerry 2

Jerry Del Calliano

Along with good friend Bill Wolfenbarger of Jodesha Broadcasting in Aberdeen, I just returned from Jerry Del Calliano’s New Media workshop in Philadelphia.  The focus was on those rascals, the Millennials.
Let me distill what millennials are looking for down to what I took away from eight hours of pretty intense conversation.  And unlike most seminars this one was small and intimate with lots of audience participation.

  1. Authenticity – just look at their response to Bernie Sanders.  He’s the most authentic candidate in the field.
  2. Quit saying.  Just be. – They don’t like hype though that’s like not liking commercials. What else would they say?  “I love hype!!”  Not likely.
  3. Build consensus NOT confrontation – millennials will not likely to be as ‘in-your-face’ though this may not be the case in parts of New Jersey or New York.
  4. Dreams – they have more purposeful dreams – more socially tied to good deeds than the financial dreams of Gen Xers and Boomers.
  5. Fun!  – They want to be the ones that are fun to be with.

Let’s see…how different is that from what the boomers or GenX would have said?   I’d argue –  not much.   Every generation is idealistic and wants to change things (and few love listening to commercials)…and they do change things.  Millennials will be no different.

Radio is challenged to serve these young millennials.


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