OneAccord PartnerThe media business continues to fascinate all of us.

From the studios of WXCO at the age of 14 to the multi-new-media platforms of today,  I have been deeply involved in it all.  If you’re really interested go to Linked In.

For several years now my company, InTown Media, has been involved in interim broadcast management –  focusing on small/medium markets.  Sometime it’s as caretaker for at trustee or a turnaround assignment…. and sometimes it’s because the owner wants to retire but can’t sell at this point. Our current engagements include a trombo (that’s 3 stations) in a Seattle suburban market .

Recently we’ve added a Behavioral Targeted Online product that we are in beta with.  InTown Digital reverses the traditional model of creating content to gather an audience and deals with reaching defined consumers with display and video ads across the entire web.  With this program we don’t care where the consumer is on the web – we just care about delivering a message to precisely the right customer.  Ideal for SMB market all over the country.  See http://www.intownmedia.com for more.

I’ll continue to opine and look foward to your feedback.

Jackson Dell Weaver



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  1. Many interesting topics! I am looking forward to more.

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