How’s that working for you Bucko…?

It’s a real Dr. Phil moment. For a decade – that’s 10 full years and then some – radio and TV have been trying to develop real revenue from ‘new media’. Cue Dr. Phil….”How’s that working for you…?”

Few would argue the answer is ‘well’.

The  new media explosion has largely passed tra

New Media Technology in 1954

ditional media – search, SEO, social media, Craigslist and blogs all exploded and largely left radio and TV playing catch up. Certainly, in terms of making a buck at it.

At core, the Convergence model – using traditional media to drive traffic to interactive experiences – has largely been a cultural and sales train wreck.

First the new features we offered clients quickly became a value add…just like the ‘hey we’ll do a remote…or a movie giveaway’ used to be. So radio used the net tools to maintain business, not build new revenue. As a result, the programs were sloppily executed and everyone got wet ‘pissing into the wind’.

A good buddy of mine is scrambling to build vanity sites for a radio groups clients because they’ve so over promised their own website inventory.

Secondly – this new media is a TON of work – both technical and management. The flood of different platforms, small incremental revenue dollars, lack of scalable expenses and soaring expectations from clients push many operators to simply throw up their hands. “Let’s just play the hits and ride this out…”

But – just as Dr. Phil dispenses some good advice – some radio and TV stations are making some real progress and we’ll be exploring some better ideas and success stories this week from Radio Ink’s Convergence Conference in San Jose.