And now Google TV….

Redefined TV? Google TV.

This is scary. Google TV was announced today. Simply put, it’s scary. 

Google TV is fabulous – one of those things that frankly, only Google with their search DNA could pull off. It’s remarkably simple and free of the complexity that previous internet/TV hybrids have exhibited. I think consumers will love it. Love it. 

What’s scary? Well – trees don’t grow to the sky. But Google’s growth apparently hasn’t begun to flatten – at least not in the search/content arena. They may have ‘issues’ with mobile…but when it comes to search they are leaving everyone behind. 

For some time, I’ve been nodding my head and sagely saying Google will reach their natural limit pretty soon and – much like previous Goliaths (GM, Microsoft, IBM, etc.)  – stumble into some humility. 

I may have been wrong.

OFC – The Old F____ Club

Pat O'Day - KJR Seattle Radio Legend

A batch of ex-radio guys…many of them former jocks (aka: Boss Jocks, on-air talent, announcers, etc.) get together as members of the OFC to talk about radio’s past.  The meetings are held in the famous Andy’s Dinner – a collection of six old passenger rail cars  that served really marginal food in a bordello atmosphere – perfect hang place for media rats in Seattle for decades. 

The stories are great – like hearing Burl Barer talk about the girls the  record promo guys sent around to ‘push’ a record…or Pat O’Day telling about the days when Frank Sinatra owned part of KJR but never set foot in the place. 

 But – to the chagrin of the OFC – the old days will not return…no radio station will ever have the 25-30% share of audience that big top 40 stations had in the 50s and 60s.  No city will ever be paralyzed again by a “Big 610 Last Contest”.  And larger than life personalities are pretty human these days.   

The exciting challenge for radio today is to stay relevant in a new media age. Shouldn’t be impossible – there are 350 million radios out there.  Give people a reason to listen and they’ll be there. 

 It just won’t be like the old days.

The Naive Network…

Original NBC logo

NBC – the TV network that once used the slogan, “Proud as a Peacock!” is now reinventing themselves out of the ratings cellar hoping to be both ‘smart’ and ‘playful’ according the WSJ this morning.

But – don’t you dare watch them and think ‘whimsical’ or ‘naïve’.  That they clearly do not want.  It’s true.  They actually said that.

Do these guys actually think that a TV network has a brand? The shows have brand…but a network brand has only rubbed off on the critics and to a degree the advertisers. The viewers?  Not much.

“The world we used to know… people tell me it don’t turn anymore…” Steely Dan, from “Midnight Cruiser”.